People think that asbestos is a thing of the past. It came from a time before we knew better, right? Now that we know how dangerous asbestos is, we don't have to worry about it in our homes and buildings. Well, that's not quite true. It turns out that asbestos is still a major problem. We may not use it in buildings anymore, but that doesn't mean that it has disappeared completely. How can you be sure that your home and other properties don't have asbestos? You can always call GilRay Restoration Services, Inc. We're licensed to provide asbestos inspections and to remove any asbestos that we find. Get some peace of mind by calling our team in Wake Village & Texarkana, TX today.



Asbestos is a fibrous material that used to be used in construction. It's a convenient building and insulation material, which is why it's been used in homes and other properties throughout history. Unfortunately, asbestos is also dangerous. Asbestos fibers can escape into the air easily. As a result, they get into people's lungs quickly. Once it gets into the lungs, asbestos can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and a lung-scarring condition called asbestosis. There are no cures for any of these conditions, and the longer a person is exposed to asbestos, the greater their risk of getting sick.


How can you know if your property has asbestos? Here are a few things you should consider.


Recently-built homes and buildings don't have much of an asbestos risk. If, however, your property was built before the 1980s, it more than likely has an asbestos problem. People who own older properties should get those properties tested, just in case. Also, keep an eye out for these signs of asbestos:

  • White or gray insulation remnants
  • Vinyl flooring in an older building
  • Popcorn ceilings

If you have an older property in Wake Village or Texarkana, TX or notice any of the above signs, it's time to call an asbestos tester.


No matter the signs in your home or building, the only true way to tell if you have asbestos is to hire an asbestos testing service. At GilRay Restoration, we're qualified to provide asbestos inspections. First, we'll take a look around the property for signs of potential asbestos. Then, we'll collect a small sample of building material from your property and test it. If it turns out that your property doesn't have asbestos, then you're good to go. If it does, we can remove the asbestos and make your property safer.


You should never take asbestos lightly. The risks are too big. Instead, get our team on your side so that you can breathe a little easier.


If you suspect that your property has asbestos, do not try to remove it on your own. Asbestos is classified as a hazardous waste material. It cannot be removed without the proper techniques, training, and safety equipment. Remember that asbestos can be inhaled easily. Without proper removal techniques, you could face serious health problems, including cancer. Furthermore, asbestos must be disposed of safely and properly. You need a team that has all the training, equipment, and resources necessary to do the job correctly. Finally, all asbestos removal should start with asbestos testing. Otherwise, you can't be sure what is asbestos and what isn't. You could either end up doing unnecessary removals or leaving some asbestos behind.


Why should you choose GilRay Restoration for your asbestos removal? Because when you're dealing with something as serious as asbestos, you want the best team to get the job done. GilRay Restoration is that team. Here are just some of the reasons why.

  • Highly trained. When it comes to asbestos, you don't want anything less than a highly trained team to remove it. Thankfully, the GilRay Restoration team has plenty of training in this area.
  • Top safety gear. We use state-of-the-art safety gear during the asbestos removal process, and we make sure that we provide a complete asbestos removal. Once we're finished, your property will be safe to use normally.
  • Efficient. You want that asbestos gone as soon as possible. We understand, and that's why we work efficiently. We don't sacrifice quality or attention to detail, but we do try to make your property safe as quickly as possible.
  • Personalization. We know that every home and property is different, and we know that each of our clients has different needs. Whether you're dealing with a single popcorn ceiling or a building full of asbestos, we tailor our work to your property's needs.
  • Trustworthy. Asbestos is a serious problem. When it's time to get rid of it, you want the most trustworthy team on your side. At GilRay Restoration, we pride ourselves on being that team. Our clients trust us to do the job without cutting any corners. Plus, we'll never try to sell you services that you don't need.
  • Respect for our clients. We have the utmost respect for our clients and their properties. We'll treat your property the way that we would want our own to be treated.


By law, asbestos testers and removers in the US must be licensed by the EPA. The job requires very specialized training and a very specific process for safe removal. Before you hire any asbestos removal team, ask them whether they're licensed to do the job. Never let an unlicensed team remove the asbestos from your property. They may ultimately put your property in danger. GilRay Restoration is licensed by the EPA to provide asbestos inspection and removal services. We know how to get the job done safely.


If your property has asbestos, don't wait to get rid of it. The longer you wait, the greater the risks to your health. Don't leave your health to chance. Call GilRay Restoration and get some peace of mind. Contact us today to ask about our asbestos testing process. We'd be happy to make your Wake Village or Texarkana, TX property safe.