Nobody wants to see mold in their home. It's one of homeowners' worst nightmares, and it seems to show up out of nowhere. It's dangerous, leaves a terrible smell, and doesn't stop growing until you put a complete stop to it. If your home has a serious mold problem, you're not the only one. A lot of homeowners in Wake Village & Texarkana, TX deal with this issue. Still, for your own sanity and your family's health, you'll want to get rid of that mold as quickly as possible, especially if you have toxic mold on your hands. That's where our team comes in. At GilRay Restoration Services, Inc., we're ready to tackle mold head-on so that you can enjoy your home again.



Mold sprouts whenever moisture encounters mold spores, and it sprouts fast. Since mold spores are extremely common, mold itself is common, too. Sometimes, that mold can turn into a huge issue. A little bit of mold here and there is one thing, but if you've got a major mold issue, then you'll want to act fast. Why? First of all, mold doesn't stop growing on its own. Unless you get someone to intervene, that mold will just keep growing. Second, mold can cause or worsen certain health problems. Those with lung issues or immune system trouble are at especially high risk for mold-related health problems. When you let us get rid of your home's mold, you can literally breathe easily again.


Over the years, we've seen all kinds of mold damage. From small problems to big ones, there's no mold problem that's too tough for us to handle. Get our team on your side now. Here's what we do when you call us for mold remediation.

Total Inspection

Mold doesn't usually grow out in the open. As a matter of fact, by the time you can actually see the mold, you may have a serious problem on your hands. Mold prefers dark spaces, hidden corners, and other areas that are tough to find. We know how to find it, though. We'll inspect all the usual suspects to find where your mold is hiding.

Professional Clean

From there, we'll use our tools and expertise to remove the mold from your home. We clean mold all the way down to its source. That way, we can prevent it from coming back. We use premium quality cleaning solutions that were designed specifically for mold removal. We won't cut corners, and we won't stop until the job is done.


Mold damage is overwhelming. A lot of Wake Village & Texarkana, TX homeowners don't know where to start. That's why we're on your side. All you have to do is give us a call, and we can take care of the rest.


Don't try to handle mold removal by yourself. You may have dealt with mold in small amounts before, but a large mold problem is different. In large amounts, mold is dangerous and can even be deadly. Even some of the healthiest people can start coughing, choking, and sneezing in the presence of mold. The longer your exposure to mold, the worse the problem will get. As you can imagine, the danger is much worse for people with allergies, asthma, or compromised immune systems.

The GilRay team has all the safety equipment that we need to get to work. We've been trained and equipped to take care of major mold problems. Furthermore, our tools and equipment are made especially for mold removal. We don't use general or generic cleaners. We use specific, high-quality cleaning solutions to stop the mold in its tracks.


Now you know that you need a professional team, but why call our team specifically for your mold removal needs? Here are some of our favorite reasons. Once you get us to remove your home's mold, we're sure you'll be able to think of some more.

  • Trained and Skilled. We know all the latest tools and techniques for mold removal. The process isn't always as simple as it sounds, and it requires special solutions and equipment. Thankfully, we have everything we need to get the job done fast.
  • Complete Efficiency. Speaking of getting things done fast, our clients love our efficiency. You don't want that mold in your house for one second longer than necessary. We understand, and we'll work as efficiently as possible. We don't sacrifice quality, though. We're committed to getting the job done right the first time.
  • Personalization. Every home is different, and every homeowner has different needs. We're here to meet those needs. That's why we tailor your service to meet your exact needs. You shouldn't have to settle for anything less.
  • Trustworthy. Our clients know and trust us. They understand that we only provide the best service.
  • Respect for Our Clients. We treat our clients like family, and we care for their homes as if they were our own.


Always look for IICRC certification when you look for a restoration team. The IICRC is an unbiased organization that sets the standards for restoration companies so that homeowners get the best service. When a company has IICRC certification, it means that they meet high standards for skills, training, and service. At GilRay Restoration, we're proud to hold IICRC certification and provide the service that you need and deserve. It's one of many reasons why our clients know that they can trust us with their mold remediation needs.


Like we said above, mold is dangerous. If you have black mold or another toxic mold in your house, then it's even more important that you act fast. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can remove that mold once and for all. Don't delay. Give us a call now. For your health and safety, it's important that we get to work fast. Call the GilRay team today.